Thumbnail images are used by vCloud Director to give you a preview of the screen without opening up to the remote console, the dark side is when you migrate/svMotion a machine managed by vCloud Director, it leaves a folder along with the thumbnail, this thumbnails are created and stored by vCloud Director as current.png on the datastore in the VM’s if you are in your datastores and VMsa look or sometimes get sloopy. This PowerCLI script helps solve this, it goes through a particular datastore, and deletes all abandoned current.png files and the VM folder, this process keeps your datastores neat.

$datastore = “MyDatastore”

$viserver = “MyVIServer”

# add PowerCLI snapin

Add-PSSnapin vmware.vimautomation.core -ErrorAction:SilentlyContinue

# Connect to VI Server

Connect-VIServer $viserver

# Get the datastore we want to clean up

$dsObject = Get-Datastore $datastore

# Create a new PSDrive to that datastore

New-PSDrive -Location $dsObject -name ds -PSProvider VimDatastore -root ”

# Set location to that drive

Set-Location ds:

# From here we are going to parse through

# folders first looking for vmx files,

# if there are no vmx files,

# test for current.png and then remove the thumbnail and folder.

$dsfolders = Get-ChildItem

foreach ($dsfolder in $dsfolders)


    if (!(test-path “$dsfolder*.vmx”))


        if (test-path “$dsfoldercurrent.png”)


            remove-item “$dsfoldercurrent.png”

            if ((get-childitem .$dsfolder* | measure-object).count -lt 1)


                remove-item $dsfolder





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