I wrote this post in case anyone had the same problem, after installing the last batch of Microsoft updates on one of my virtualized domain controllers. I wanted to restart my machine.  After restating there was nothing unusual at that moment, so the virtual machines was started and I logged on with my credentials which were correct and then I noticed something unusual  the virtual machine was started in DsRepair mode.

You know if the safeboot contains DsRepair the domain controller will automatically start in Directory Service repair mode. What is surprising is I have no idea who or what was responsible for changing the safeboot parameter. But the good thing is I know how you can delete this value so the VM will start normally.  All you need to do is run the following command to delete the DsRepair value:

bcdedit /deletevalue safeboot and shutdown –r –t 10  to restart the virtual machine and all is well.

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