It has been a problem for me with my microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011 when it wont start. This process will fix. Everytime I had this, I followed these steps to solve the problem. It appears that the Outlook Database corrupts and needs rebuilding.

The symptom that appears is when starting Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011, the logo splash-screen opens up and then it does nothing. Even after I reboot the Mac still no changes. So what you have to do is enable the Microsoft Database Utility which will then run and where needed fix the outlook database.

The usual safety small-print,ensure that you have backed up the relevant Outlook related files before attempting any of the following. To try and fix the corrupted Outlook database, click on the keyboard “Alt” key when clicking the outlook for Mac 2011icon and the Microsoft Database Utility will then open. Next click on “Rebuilding Main Identity”, this will start a scan, verification and the move of your emails to a new database file. After coping the emails and records across to a new Outlook database, it will then recover any data and end the rebuild.

Click “done” when completed and exit the Microsoft Database Utility. After all this your outlook for mac 2011 icon it will start fine. You may see the Microsoft Database Utility is when you start Outlook for Mac 2011 and it actually detects an issue with the email database prompting you to start the utility to try and fix the problem.

Hopefully this will help,with your problem.

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