Microsoft has released a free utility which allows people to browse published PowerShell script on Technet script center repository. A repository where there is over 9000 script samples. The utility allows you to search within the environment. The searches can be done through a window that allows you to search by date, popularity, author or number of downloads.

So, those looking for scripts that have already been built, this is the tool for you. Why struggle to create something that has already been built?

Powershell Script Browser and Script Analyser has two tools:

  • Script browser – the search window
  • PowerShell ISE – which is the Integrated PowerShell Environment (ISE)

Here is a quote from technet:

Windows PowerShell ISE is a host application that enables you to write, run, and test scripts and modules in a graphical and intuitive environment. Key features in Windows PowerShell ISE include syntax-coloring, tab completion, Intellisense, visual debugging, Unicode compliance, and context-sensitive Help. It provides a rich scripting experience.

Practical applications:

  • To help you manage and automate your environment, Windows PowerShell ISE includes the following features:
  • The ability to run interactive commands in a console pane, just as you would in the Windows PowerShell console. Simply type a command, and then press ENTER.
  • The ability to create, edit, debug, and run functions, workflows, scripts, and modules in a script pane.
  • Multiple Windows PowerShell tabs, each with a console and script pane, to enable you to simultaneously work on several independent tasks.
  • The ability to edit text in complex scripts and right-to-left languages.

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