Backup Solutions

247rack offers wide range of backup solutions depending on your application requirements and budget. Choose the best one that fits you best from our huge list.

247rack VMware hosting and private cloud Backup Comparaison Chart
✓ Included, X Not Included, + Not Included but can be added to your server
Level 1 Unmanaged Level 2 Managed Level 3 Managed
Full Image Level Backup
Incremental Image Level Backup
File level full and incremental backup +
VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) support +
Application Specific Agent Options/td> + X
Application Full and Incremental + Limited
OS specific agent options + X
Granular Backup and Recovery + X
Data de-duplication X
Disk based backup
Tape based backup X X
Disk to Disk to Tape X X
Scheduled backups
Backup and Restore Features * ** ***
Fault Tolerance X X
Managed by 247rack +